Gimme That Old Time Religion Song

Old Time Religion Traditional Arr. The Band Transcribed by Alec Liddle Chords: D/F#: xx023x G/B: x2003x D: xx423x A7sus4: x0203x G:. There is no strumming pattern for this song yet. G D5 Verse 1: D5 Gimme that old time religion A7sus4 Gimme that old time religion D A7sus4 G/B Gimme that old time religion A7sus4.

12 Apr 2018. Staying true to his belief that country music story wouldn't be complete without sacred music, Cash incorporated many of the famous gospels songs in his show. “Give Me That Old Time Religion” is just one of them. At the.

13 Sep 2012. Give me that old time religion It's good enough for me. It was good for our mothers. It's good enough for me. Give me that old time religion It's good enough for me.

2011年6月16日. (Give Me That) Old-Time Religion (and similar spellings) is a traditional Gospel song dating from 1873, when it was included in a list of Jubilee songs —or earlier. It has become a standard in many Protestant hymnals and.

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Joe Bethancourt at has collected over a thousand verses of this song. The song begins with its chorus, which is sung between each verse. Chorus: Gimme that old time religion, Gimme that old.

. Time Religion." Tillman arranged and published it with other gospel songs in one of his Songbooks, 1891. Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers, "Give Me That Old Time Religion" (Brunswick 7100, 1929) Dixie Jubilee.

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12 Mar 2018. Gimme That Old-Time Religion: A Revival, Annotated (LSP #33). For all fundagelicals' insistence that they practice that “old-time religion,” as the famous and favorite old gospel song goes, what they actually have is quite.

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Refrain: |: Give me that old time religion, 😐 3x it's good enough for me. 1. |: It was good for the Hebrew children, 😐 3x and it's good enough for me. Refrain: 2. |: It will do when the world's on fire, 😐 3x. And it's good enough for me. Refrain: 3.

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